A Guide to Australian Slang

Australian or affectionately known by Australians as ‘Aussie’ slang is varied and very unique. Along with a bunch of bizarre sayings like, ‘yeah nah’ which means no and ‘nah yeah’ which means yes. Living in Melbourne for a few years as a healthcare equipment representative, I got to learn some of this fascinating slang, now I want to start writing content about it.

Besides words, Australia is an amazing place with exquisite national parks, magnificent beaches and mountain scenery; spectacular woods and wide open, magnificent spaces resembling landscapes on alien planets unite to create traveling in Australia among the world’s hottest and rewarding experiences for gap year students.

If you want to go hiking and / or camping in the Outback; Hit the shores for some severe snorkelling, surfing or just sunbathing, or expect to find a few of the nation’s many incredible sights while bringing in some excess money in Melbourne or Sydney, by way of instance, it will help to know a few of the most frequently used Aussie slang terms.

Writers note: I was mainly in Melbourne so this slang may differ in different places

Smashed Avo:

A brunch favourite, Aussies can’t get enough of avocado and feta on toast. Whether it’s a wholegrain rhy with organic avocado from a speciality grocery or Coles (a supermarket) white bread with avocados you stole from the  neighbours…. ‘Smashed Avo’ is an institution to Australian’s and not some weird broken object.

Big smoke

Commonly utilized for either Melbourne or Sydney, ‘big smoke’ is Essentially a word describing a massive town.


If you are on a self-drive touring vacation, chances are you will be searching for a gas station sooner or later. Locals will be delighted to direct you to the closest ‘servo’ in almost no time in any way.

Tucker, macca’s and milk bar


When requesting tucker (food) at Melbourne and, of course, additional areas during your journey in Australia, locals might well direct you to some ‘macca’s’ (pronounced ‘mackers’), and it can be a McDonald’s outlet, or even the ‘ closest ‘milk bar’, a corner-shop selling take home meals and other food.

Cheeky Bev

Exercising for the occasional beverage, you may often hear the conditions ‘amber fluid’ (or juice), ‘tinny’ or ‘ ‘coldie’. Each of these phrases refer to beer, though tinny might also be used to speak about a little aluminium boat. Based on the circumstance within it’s used, tinny can also mean lucky. By far my favourite term is cheeky bev, bev being short for beverage


If someone ask you to get a spare ‘matilda’ while camping, then they aren’t requesting a young woman to accompany them, however, instead a sleeping roll or bag.

Shark biscuit and ‘give it a burl’


If a resident identifies you as a ‘shark ‘ biscuit’, then he’ll have realised that you’re a surfing newcomer. Having giving you basic directions, he’ll likely let you ‘give it a burl’, which means only ‘have a go’.


To Prevent confusion and potential humiliation in the shore, it helps to understand that thongs from Australia aren’t some type of skinny underwear, but inexpensive backless rubber sandals or flip-flops.


When job-hunting, prospective employers can enquire how much ‘moolah’ (cash(money)) you hope to earn. Try not to ‘sell yourself’ too cheaply, but keep in mind that there are potentially dozens of gap year students competing for a couple of temporary tasks at one time, so be fair. But, for some basic advice there is much demand for aged care services in Australia and regionally a lot of farmers need pickers if you’re prepared to do the work. Remember, a job’s a job.

Traveling in Australia

Personalising traveling in Australia provides you with a variety of alternatives, which range from campervan hire and self-drive touring choices to getting rail and / or Greyhound bus moves; out of action packed town or Beach vacations with remains in a mix of hotels and / or hostels to Outback camping experiences and more. Whether you’re travelling on your own, as a couple or in a group, a gap year in Australia will supply you with memories to treasure for the rest of your life and a lot of fun slang words to confuse your friends when you get back from down under, better yet, start blogging with some digital content and freak your friends out.

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