Blue Planet Languages is a dynamic company that is passionate about sharing the richness and diversity of the many languages spoken upon our planet. We believe that language is the symbolic representation of how a culture has evolved, their roots, their aspirations, their lifestyle and what is important to them as a people. It is all held within the sounds, the vocabulary and the symbols of their writing.

As a language course provider, we offer you the opportunity to learn a foreign language whilst living amongst the culture that created that language. To eat their food and drink the wine of their land, experience the rhythm of their life and celebrate their festivals, is the ultimate way to live and learn their language.

Blue Planet Languages is committed to providing you with the very best language and cultural experience to suit your personal requirements and expectations. We have carefully chosen accredited language schools from around the world that provide quality teaching, service, facilities and accommodation, as well as an enthusiasm to share the delights of their culture with you.

We believe that our business provides us with the opportunity to share the beauty and uniqueness of the world’s many cultures with our students. Studying a language in a foreign land brings the gifts of insight and understanding as well as being lots of fun! And it is our hope at Blue Planet Languages that such gifts will play a part in restoring compassion and peace to our planet.